Education is a small word with a vast meaning to it. Here at NURTURE NTT INSTITUTE, our knowledge is not just confined to the area in the classrooms but we make sure our potential teachers reach out to the children and spread a ray of knowledge through their talent and hand-on experience that we provide to each and every individual. For us every teacher is a medium of change that will bring revolution in the world and we make sure to provide that opportunity to them.

Our Nursery Teacher Training course is divide into two parts :

  • 1. ART & CRAFT

  • Art and Craft is a very essential part of our syllabus. As the NTT course specialises in establishing teachers for Nursery classes, the focus of the course remains on visually making the work impactful so as to reach a larger audience i.e our little ones’. Here at NURTURE NTT INSTITUTE we make continuous efforts to sharpen the creative side of our students to make them efficiently transfer their knowledge in the live classroom environment.

    • WORKSHOPS- To enable learning by seeing is a faster way to grasp things. We conduct workshops for our upcoming teachers on regular intervals and all these workshops are conducted by experts in their fields.
    • FILES- As part of the course, files hold major marks in the practical section. We insist our students to complete the files and art and craft work in the class in assistance of the teacher so as to avoid errors and score well in exams.
    • ACTIVITIES- The NTT batch students are given hands-on experience opportunity in school activities and summer camps to keep them updated with the current curriculum of the pre-schools.
  • 2. THEORY

  • The second essential part of the syllabus is the theory. We give equal importance to theory in both our 1 year and 2 year courses. Rigorously the theory classes are conducted in the class not only with an aim to complete the syllabus but also to make the students comprehend the concepts thoroughly .